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Of Dreams

“to be large enough to be strong… and small enough to be free”.

our story

 Carlo Sarzano acquires ‘Manufacture de Montres Niton’, a watchmaking factory with the intention of starting his own brand..

Sarzano officially establishes SARCAR.

Sarzano’s wife, Paulette, takes over the management of SARCAR after he passed on.

SARCAR launches the ‘Magic Moon’ collection, its first contemporary icon. The collection features distinctive characteristics of the brand’s timepieces – lavish gems set amongst dials with movable elements.

The introduction of the ‘Galaxy’, another iconic collection inspired by founder Sarzano’s fascination with the cosmos.

SARCAR undergoes a revamp and emerges with a new logo and slogan, ‘Creator of Dreams’. The brand also introduces its flagship collection, ‘Le Solitaire’.

SARCAR launches the world renowned ‘Carrousel’ line. Powered by automatic movements, the collection features a fully diamond-paved dial with rotating diamonds as hour markers.

SARCAR scores a world-first with ‘The Twist’. Employing advanced micro-engineering techniques, the diamond-studded watch features a one-carat, brilliant-cut diamond on the dial that appears to spin freely in its own space.

SARCAR unveils the ‘North Star’, inspired by the brightest star in the Ursa constellation. An exceptional bejewelled masterpiece, the watch features a two-carat Princess-cut diamond revolving on a stunning dial fully paved with baguette diamonds.

Step into the world of Sarcar, a bastion of luxury watchmaking renowned for its unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative designs. With “The Night Star,” Sarcar Geneva invites you to transcend traditional notions of luxury and embrace the unrefined beauty of rough diamonds.

We’re more than just shiny Watches

Independence & Creativity

Freedom begets creativity. Our commitment to this principle guides us in creating the most prestigious timepieces of the highest quality and value. This principle was crystallised by founder Carlo Sarzano in 1948, who envisioned a company that was “large enough to be strong, yet small enough to be free”.

Exclusivity & Prestige

SARCAR timepieces are handcrafted using only most precious metals, highest quality gemstones and top-graded diamonds. To ensure utmost exclusivity, our timepieces comprise highly limited collections, single-piece creations, and custom-made commissions.

Tradition & Innovation

Superlative finishing, fastidious gem-setting, artful engraving and breath-taking miniature painting – SARCAR timepieces are emblematic of a great artisanal watch brand. Our timepieces are works of art handcrafted by master watchmakers, artisans and gem-setters using a mix time-honoured techniques, and state-of-the-art micro-engineering.

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